Frequently Asked Questions 

What kind of hair is sold through your site? 

The hair we use at Nine Mane is 100% human hair collected ethically. 

How Long do your units and hair extensions last? 

Our units have minimal shedding, and are all virgin and unprocessed hair. If you Unit is not colored, and work frequently we say with proper care an appropriate amount of time to wear your unit is 2 years. Our hair lasts forever, it is the lace, and wefts that age over time. When we find a way to prolong the use of lace and create our own lifetime lace, we hope your unit lasts as long as possible. 

If your hair has minimal manipulation and is cared for well, you should expect the best outcome as far as longevity with your units and extensions. 

Are your wigs only for African American women? 

No! Our wigs are for everyone! The representation of wigs throughout our company is for every race, ethnicity, and gender. Wigs are not limited to one demographic. Everyone has their own reasons for wearing one of our units. If you decide to purchase with Nine Mane we do all we can to help with your decision making process no matter the demographic background you come from, or the reasons you are purchasing our units. We accept all, and encourage all to feel great in whatever products worn by our company! We are an all inclusive brand, that cares about our customer base! 

What lengths and styles are worn by the celebrities wearing your wigs? 

To get this information, please email us and get in touch with us through our contact page.